People Counter Implementation in Canadian chain store “Solutions” helps improve their conversion rate drastically

Accurate, reliable, and available data for informed business decisions is a priority for Solutions

Conversion rate and revenue increases significantly for Solutions Stores after just one month of having TrueView People Counters implemented

Solutions “Your Organized Living Store”, is a Canadian Retailer specializing in Storage and Organization products for the home and office. Each store offers a huge selection of innovative ‘Solutions’ for consumers broken down into the following departments: kitchen, closet, bathroom travel, packaging, garage, home office, laundry, closet systems, shelving, collections, storage, trash and hooks. In addition to innovative products and friendly service, Solutions offers a free in-store Custom Closet Design service. Nationally, Solutions has 14 stores in Ontario and a Web Store for online purchases.


Solutions stores in Canada were concerned with the inaccuracy of their manually foot traffic measurements. Unrealistic numbers from such methods, led to focusing on the number of transactions, which only provided with an inaccurate conversion rate, and did not provide any ways to measure the customer service level. The management at Solutions had the need to accurately measure customer flows, conversion rates, sales per hour, efficiency, and effectiveness.

“I was looking for different alternatives to record foot traffic flow and measure conversion rate. I also needed to change our location-based system, which kept all information only at each specific store.

 With the assistance of InteraxLink I was able to get exactly what I was looking for, “TrueView People Counter”. In addition, InteraxLink provided us with the excellent customer service and implementation support. Furthermore, the system is consistently accurate, gives us all the vital key performance indicators that we want, and all units work together as a network to have the information available when and where I need it” says Chris Lachiewicz


Solutions is a large company in Canada today, therefore they continuously try to find ways to improve business operations by updating technology. The Management Team was quick to make an implementation decision once the solution had been presented. Within a matter of a few weeks, all 14 stores had the TrueView People Counter® up and running.

“We monitor the daily store results down to hourly units. We have already started to see the trends and patterns after just a month of having the solution implemented, therefore gained benefits in staff planning, which is great,” Chris Lachiewicz points out.

“Based on analysis of customer flows, we have optimized opening and closing hours for each individual store, added staff for a few hours during certain times of the day, and we are also starting to measure sales and marketing strategies. In addition, with all the gathered data we were able to set daily, weekly, and monthly goals which led to a significant increase in conversion rate in just the first month of having the TrueView People Counter implemented. Furthermore, our revenue skyrocketed in the first implemented store after we made the needed adjustments.  Those are the type of results that we want to see” continued Chris Lachiewicz

Solutions prides itself on improving operations and strategies with the best technology available to get results and to give the customer the best shopping and overall experience possible. With InteraxLink they are able to get the right data to make the right decisions for the present and the future.