Bicycle and Pedestrian Counter

Measure Pedestrian and Bicycle traffic data accurately

Keep track of bicycle and pedestrian traffic flow to improve the experience of customers and visitors. In addition, comply with regularities and create a safe environment.

The bicycle is one of the most efficient vehicles in terms of road space, parking space, fuel consumption and emissions, making growth in bicycle traffic of vital importance for policy makers.

Increased bicycle use can reduce the need for expensive new road infrastructure. With an ever increasing number of communities around the world that are adopting pedestrian and bicycle plans, conducting walking and bicycling safety audits, and emphasizing the need for cost-effective, low-emission transportation options, there is a greater need for pedestrian and bicycle traffic data.

Use your precise knowledge about traffic statistics to:
  • Improve the cycling infrastructure development and planning.
  • Follow and analyze trends in cycling traffic activity.
  • Promote cycling both externally and within your organization.