Dwell Time

Measure the attractiveness of your displays and segment customers demographically

Keep track of the impact of your marketing displays and identify your customers by age range and gender.

In today’s competitive retail environment, success is dependent on a thorough understanding of existing and potential customers. Constantly changing customer preferences, eroding customer loyalty and the inherent complexity of large retail organizations demand increased analysis of the customer behavior.

Interax Dwell Time is a powerful customer behavior analytic tool for gaining precise knowledge about the impact of your marketing actions have in your store. Interax Dwell Time measures customer response to in-store marketing elements, such as static signs, POP displays and other forms of digital media, including retail TV networks and kiosks.

Using leading image processing software for viewer analysis, together with surveillance cameras, Interax Dwell Time offers unobtrusive means for extracting information that you need for making the right strategic marketing decisions, safeguarding your marketing investments and equipping you for the future. The software instantly gives you real time measurements of key figures such as:

  • Viewer count (visitors who actually viewed the marketing elements)
  • Automatic gender analysis
  • Average length of viewing the media
  • Distribution of viewing times