Random inspection

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Random inspection

INTERNAL THEFT IS THE NUMBER ONE SOURCE OF SHRINKAGE for the retail industry, resulting in billions of dollars in losses each year world wide. In today’s competitive retail environment, with it’s razor thin margins, these losses strikes directly on the bottom line making it top priority for retailers to minimize.

BASED ON CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY for video analytics, Interax Random Inspection offers cost efficient, scalable and easy-to-install tool for staff inspection. It is a powerful stand-alone staff inspection application embedded directly in IP cameras, letting users leverage existing IP networks. The product automatically and randomly selects staff for inspection when leaving the premises.

BENEFITS FROM RANDOM INSPECTION SENSING lets Interax Random Inspection be a central tool for improving your business.

  • Reduce shrinkage
  • Reduce fraud
  • Provide a safe workplace.
  • Random selection of staff secures a high level of staff integrity..