Shopper Behavior Measurement

Improve store performance by understanding the In-Store Shopper Behavior

Optimize store performance

People Counter is the leading product for foot traffic which runs fully embedded in standard ceiling mounted network cameras and automatically counts in real time the number of people passing under the camera and in what direction.

Provides the critical data retailers need to leverage their business. Use precise knowledge about visitor traffic in order to

  • Measure how many of store visitors that actually buy
  • Analyze customer flows and traffic trends
  • Evaluate impact of advertising and promotions
  • Improve staff planning
  • Determine optimal opening hours
  • Identify and reward high performing stores and employees



Building automation systems are used to improve staff planning, determine optimal opening hours, control heating, ventilation, air conditioning and cooling for optimal performance.

The systems rely on a variety of sensors to provide useful and

accurate information. In particular, the number of people in the

building at any given time is one piece of crucial information.

This is known as Occupancy Sensing.


analytics, Interax Occupancy Solution offers cost efficient, scalable and easy-to-install Occupancy Sensing. It is a powerful stand-alone occupancy application embedded directly in standard IP cameras letting users leverage existing IP networks.


  • Improve your staff planning and determine optimal opening hours.
  • Reduce energy consumption by aligning building use to energy demand.
  • Improve HVAC ventilation system control.
  • Improve the utilization of the building space.
  • Cut costs.


QUEUEING is one of the most critical and emotional part of a retail operation and most people dislike queues. Not surprisingly, researches show that queuing at the checkout is the main cause of customer dissatisfaction in retailing. Short wait times, together with optimum deployment of personnel at the checkout, are therefore key to enhance the customer experience and encourage spending.

BASED ON CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY for video analytics, Interax Queue Solution offers a cost efficient, scalable, and easy-to-install tool for queue management. It is a powerful standalone application embedded directly in standard IP cameras, allowing users leverage existing IP networks. All video analytics is done locally on the camera dramatically reducing ethernet bandwidth requirements.


  • Minimize time spent in queue.
  • Build enduring customer loyalty.
  • Encourage spending.
  • Increase customer satisfaction.
  • Analyze trends and evaluate advertising and promotions.
  • Improve staff planning and determine optimal opening hours.

The layout and design of a store is crucial for the shopping experience.

Interaxlink Heatmap is a visual tool for measuring customer traffic patterns inside retail stores. The product gives instant access to where and when shoppers go in the store making it a perfect tool to optimize store layout.

Interaxlink Heatmap runs fully embedded in standard network cameras and should be mounted in the ceiling or on a wall overlooking the store. A camera running Interaxlink Heatmap can at the same time also be used as a standard surveillance camera, potentially reducing the total project hardware cost.


Keep track on how many and how long people are viewing your marketing elements.

In today’s competitive retail environment, success is dependent on a thorough understanding of existing and potential customers. Constantly changing customer preferences, eroding customer loyalty and the inherent complexity of large retail organizations demand increased analysis of the customer behavior.

Interax Dwell Time is a powerful customer behavior analytic tool for gaining precise knowledge about the impact of your marketing actions have in your store. Interax Dwell Time measures customer response to in-store marketing elements, such as static signs, POP displays and other forms of digital media, including retail TV networks and kiosks.

Using leading image processing software for viewer analysis, together with surveillance cameras, Interax Dwell Time offers unobtrusive means for extracting information that you need for making the right strategic marketing decisions, safeguarding your marketing investments and equipping you for the future. The software instantly gives you real time measurements of key figures such as:

  • Viewer count (visitors who actually viewed the marketing elements)
  • Automatic gender analysis
  • Average length of viewing the media
  • Distribution of viewing times


Interax Web Report

Interax Web Report is a web based package that gives instant access to a multitude of data sources such as POS, foot traffic, weather conditions, etc. The data can be accessed from any physical location via your web browser.


Interax Parking Solution

Interax Parking is a milestone in parking management and embedded video analytics. The system is 100 % IP network based using only standard network cameras and IP supported displays for counting and showing traffic to and from parking facilities.


Interax Bicycle

Interax Bicycle is a product for counting pedestrian and bicycle traffic. It offers a unique, cost efficient, scalable, and easy-to-install solution.