Shopping Experience

By providing accurate retail metrics we stride to enhance shopping experience

Keep your customers in mind.

Technology is dramatically changing the way customers shop. New technologic applications can shape the in-store customer experiences, increasing brand awareness and ensure maximum engagement with their customers in the entire shopping process.

Interaxlink offers, include building brand loyalty and consumer

engagement applications. Whether retailer wants a fully functional m-commerce application, a location-based campaign to drive foot traffic to their store or improve the in-store shopping experience, Interaxlink can provide it.

Below are just a few examples of the consumer and retail apps we can build for retailers:

  • Digital Signage Networks
  • On Shelf Interactive application
  • Mobile application
  • Shopper Digital Concierge Solutions



Shopper engagement at the shelf

Understanding the attractiveness of shelves where Unilever brand products were displayed was pivotal for the successful campaign. InteraxLink provided for several months a detailed and measured analysis of consumers and shoppers who bought Unilever products. InteraxLink was able to do so by analyzing the data obtained from hidden cameras behind the products. After analyzing the data, InteraxLink placed interactive displays for customers to attract and educate them, which directly increased sales significantly.


Shopper Loyalty

Hendel wanted to increase their shopper loyalty and improve their in-store experience. InteraxLink created an interactive application to attract customers and stimulate their shopping experience by providing games and rewards programs. The end result of the campaign and application was a rapid increase in sales and a clear improvement on brand loyalty.


Digital Signage

InteraxLink developed a digital signage network for UNSAM, through which faculties are now informed on news, available courses, and any information that might interest students.