Case Studies

Shopper Behavior Measurement

Understanding the attractiveness of the new design of a supermarket shelves for a brand of Unilever was key to the success of the campaign. Interaxlink measured the behavior of consumers in front of the new POP at the shelf for a month. After the first month, Interaxlink installed an interactive display to attract more shoppers continuing with the shopper behavior measurement. This analysis gave Unilever insights to make important decisions.

People Counter Solutions

Vitamina is a women's clothing company with stores in the most important shopping centers in Argentina, They implemented the Interax People Counter Solution, which helped them understand the performance of each store, comparing the amount of people entering and how many of them purchased (conversion rate). Additionally, the solution contributed to a better workforce planning.

Falabella is one of the largest department stores in South America. Falabella previously used the security guards at each door to count the people entering to the store. By implementing the Interax People Counter solution, they realized the high error rate they were having in regards to the number of people who entered that store, especially in the calculation of conversion rate.

Enhancement of Shopping Experience

Hendel wanted to increase their shopper loyalty and improve their in-store experience. Interaxlink created an interactive application to attract customers. The application was a total success and even allowed customer to earn offers and prizes. The application helped expand attendance to new customers, increased sales and generated loyalty to current and new customers.

Digital Signage Solutions

Interaxlink developed a digital signage network for UNSAM, one of the fastest growing universities in Argentina. This deployment allowed the university authorities to show key messages in the different university areas.

Digital Video Surveillance

Misiones Deco Solutions, had an analog video surveillance system. As this system has low definition, it doesn’t allow them to control key areas of operations, such as loading and unloading goods and materials. Through the implementation of the Interax IP Video Surveillance System at the key location, combined with its old analog system, the client achieved precise control in those key areas without losing the investment already made